Litigation Finance Firm

For companies with meritorious legal claims, we are a source of capital to fund legal fees and expenses and/or to raise funds for corporate purposes. If a claim is successful, we receive an agreed upon portion of the proceeds of the claim. If a claim is unsuccessful, we are owed nothing.



We work creatively to find the financial solution that works best for your business. Each of our transactions are specifically tailored to meet the individual needs of the company.


We understand that every day you are without financing is critical; we set clear time frames for the diligence process based on the complexity of your claim. We are constantly seeking to improve our processes in order to ensure that we are the most responsive litigation financier in the industry.


Throughout the entire financing process, you will be in direct contact with the key decision makers at Lake Whillans.

We invest in a number of ways, such as:

Purchasing an interest in the proceeds of a claim or portfolio of claims.

Purchasing claims or assets in their entirety.

Directly investing in companies whose prospects are closely tied to the outcome of a litigation or arbitration.


Our goal is to build lasting relationships that result in great outcomes for all parties. We work creatively to meet the individual needs of each company and, in addition to capital, provide a wealth of experience in managing legal claims to maximize their value.

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The best way for companies and their counsel to determine if litigation finance is an attractive option is to discuss it with us.