Mt. Rushmore of Healthcare Corporate Venture

Lee Drucker

Throughout the year we, with the help of MedCity News, have been exploring two key issues for healthcare investors and entrepreneurs: trust and reliability. We have surveyed innovators in digital health and life sciences to share insights into which companies make the best partners.

Lake Whillans is excited to be part of the solution for healthcare’s next great companies. We learned that there are some big issues in the corporate VC-startup relationship. But it was exciting to see some funds have consistently earned entrepreneurs’ trust. We reviewed our research on digital health and life sciences investors again, and are excited to present four corporate funds with the most overall positive feedback from medical innovators. According to our surveys, these are the top healthcare corporate VCs.

1. Johnson & Johnson Innovation – JJDC Inc.

2. McKesson Ventures

3. Lilly Ventures

4. GE Ventures

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