Month: January 2022

Another Effort to Amend Federal Rule 26 with a One-Size Fits All Litigation Finance Disclosure Requirement Does Not Persuade the Federal Rules Advisory Committee

Marla Decker

The decision should still be up to the litigant, the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules says in a new report.

In early October 2021 — citing “challenges” in the rulemaking procedure — the Advisory Committee on Civil Rules for federal courts again declined to recommend a rule be adopted requiring the disclosure of third-party litigation financing (TPLF) agreements.

Mandatory disclosures are generally governed by Rule 26 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, which requires parties to reveal a broad range of information. This includes documents and other materials the party expects to use to support its claims or defenses, the computation of categories of damages, the identity of those with discoverable information, and insurance agreements.

As it stands, the rule does not require disclosure of TPLF.

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