Distressed Venture Capital

Distressed venture capital is funding that can be used to support a company when it has been wrongfully damaged by the actions of a former partner or competitor; in these situations Lake Whillans can lead a capital raise or liquidate the positions of investors that no longer wish to be involved with the company. Our funds can be used to both sustain operations and to pursue legal claims.

the distressed venture capital Process

Recognizing from our experience that companies have diverse objectives, we structure each transaction on an individual basis.

We enter into non-disclosure agreements to allow for free discussion, and provide the proposed terms of an investment early in our discussions so that companies and their counsel can make a considered decision before investing time and resources in the diligence process. We always endeavor to make the diligence process as transparent and efficient as possible. We identify the key areas for diligence so that everyone can work collaboratively on those issues. Working cooperatively with companies and their counsel, we establish clear time frames for deliverables, and we openly share our views on our assessments throughout the process.

typical funding process can be broken into the following stages:

Initial Discussions / Execution of NDA




Lake Whillans is uniquely positioned to help businesses that have been damaged by the conduct of another party.

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